Joanne is senior
brand strategist who helps
organizations develop clear
and focused strategy that
drives positive bottom
line results.


Joanne is proud to have
helped the following
clients develop and achieve
their marketing objectives.

  • What clients are saying
    • Cathy Imrie
      Senior VP Finance,
      Vancouver Aquarium
    • Teri Nicholas
      President & CEO,
      BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
    • Maya Lange
      VP, Global Marketing,
      Destination BC
    • Carol Nelson
      VP, Marketing & Awareness,
      Rick Hansen Foundation
    • Doug Tuck
      Director of Marketing,
      Vancouver Opera
    • Sally Parrott
      VP Marketing,
    • Don Maunders
      Principal, Lead Consultant,
      On Strategy
    • Janet Weil
      Principal, Executive Director
      Children's Hearing & Speech Centre of BC
    • Paul Patterson
      Senior Director of Public Affairs,
      Vancouver Police Department

"Joanne joined the Aquarium team in the fall of 2010 and executed her 'six-step process' to gain an in-depth knowledge of our audience, our experience and our brand. Based on this knowledge, she successfully developed and delivered on a strategy that helped reverse the trend of declining local attendance.

Joanne displays a sense of focus and tenacity that enabled her to achieve our goals. She has definitely been a value-add to our team!"

Cathy Imrie Senior VP Finance
Vancouver Aquarium

"Joanne brings depth of experience, common sense and a keen eye to her analysis of what's right for an organization's marketing and branding properties. She is perceptive, sure of her ground, and generous with her insights. We continue to apply the advice she has given us."

Doug Tuck Director of Marketing
Vancouver Opera

"Joanne is always seeking new strategic ideas and has a great sense for how to drive the business through marketing. She is also a champion of creative – both in terms of creative people and overall creative thought."

Sally Parrott VP Marketing

"Joanne steps fully and passionately into your brand to deeply understand it and be accountable in caring for it. The result is better, more impactful work that resonates and drives results. No matter what your current communications challenge might be (overarching strategy, getting great creative, or maximizing your limited spend) get Joanne involved!"

Don Maunders Principal, Lead Consultant
On Strategy

"Joanne brought the work that we do with deaf and hard of hearing children to life on the screen. She engaged the most marvelous team of professionals to make our dream of having an online video a reality. Her organizational abilities, creative vision, attention to detail and timely follow through made the whole experience a grand celebration. We are so grateful to Joanne for her skills and her generosity. She has made a positive difference for the Centre and the children."

Janet Weil Principal, Executive Director
Children's Hearing & Speech Centre of BC

"The Vancouver Police Department has a reputation for highly effective and innovative communications and marketing tactics. I am convinced that we owe much of that reputation to the exceptional and outstanding counsel and assistance we received from Joanne Turner."

Paul Patterson Senior Director of Public Affairs
Vancouver Police Department

"Joanne was brought into the Foundation for the purpose of expanding the potential of the Marketing & Communications team.  She provided in-depth marketing and communications analysis, brought forward innovative ideas from the private sector, planned and implemented required restructuring of the team and developed a comprehensive brand strategy.

We are grateful for Joanne’s contributions and confident that her recommendations will continue to be of great value as we move forward with our fund-raising efforts."

Teri Nicholas President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

"Joanne supported me on the development of a global ski strategy and was able to step in quickly and build on the foundation we had established. She seemingly has the ability to step into any industry, quickly understand what is at play and immediately create value. I would highly recommend Joanne."

Maya Lange VP, Global Marketing
Destination BC

"Joanne helps to identify critical issues and opportunities, drawing on solid research and analysis. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, and seeks the best outcomes for her clients. Not only is she a helpful resource, she is a great sounding board."

Carol Nelson VP, Marketing & Awareness
Rick Hansen Foundation


  • Case Studies
    • Vancouver Aquarium
    • BC Children’s
      Hospital Foundation
    • Ballet BC
    • ICBC
    • Children's Hearing
      & Speech Centre
    • FortisBC
    • Leukemia & Lymphoma
      Society of Canada
    • SeaChange Seafoods


Creative Partners

TAXI Vancouver
DDB Canada
Katie Ainsworth

Vancouver Aquarium is a self-sustaining non-profit organization that
is a leader in the conservation of aquatic life. It conducts research, provides
education and organizes direct-action initiatives to achieve its mission.

  • Van aqua 1 Van aqua 2 Van aqua 3

The Challenge

Given a limited budget and the complexity
of organizational messages, it was
challenging to build a solid brand to both
drive traffic to the gate and increase
support for the mission based programs.
There was low awareness of its non-profit
status, various programs and exhibits,
as well as declining visitor attendance
in a tough economic and tourism climate.

The Strategy

In a nutshell, an ultimate focus on highly
complex messaging was required.
An annual plan that provided potential
visitors a new, motivating reason
to come was critical.

In addition, a more integrated brand
look and feel was important to reflect
its leadership stance in conservation.

The Idea

Various seasonal feature campaigns
were developed to peak interest and
visitation as well as drive home the
overall brand positioning.

Brand building advertising was also
developed using key programs to add
credibility to the brand and motivate
financial support.

BC Children’s
Hospital Foundation

Creative Partners

Grey Vancouver
Critical Mass

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation raises funds to provide world-class clinical care, research, equipment and facilities to support BC’s kids. Its vision is for all kids to be healthy and able to achieve their hopes and dreams.

  • Children's Hospital

The Challenge

The Foundation had a very successful fund-raising track record but lacked a clear brand strategy and integrated digital plan to effectively communicate the incredible depth of the brand story. The nonprofit landscape was rapidly changing, becoming increasing complex and easier for smaller organizations to generate a lot of buzz through low cost digital platforms.

The Strategy

After an in-depth analysis of the market both locally and nationally, a strategy was developed to capitalize on the brand’s extremely high awareness and appeal. In addition, a simplified brand architecture was implemented to help focus all aspects of the organization, thereby strengthening a unified brand positioning.

A content calendar was developed to highlight key brand messages that provided the most compelling ways to demonstrate excellence and impact of fund-raising dollars. Limited budget was reallocated to produce ongoing innovative content for social media and supported by donated space in traditional media channels.

The Idea

A new brand ID/tagline was developed to contemporize the brand, optimize for digital usage and articulate the vision in an engaging way. A fresh approach to creative content started with the dated concept of Jeans Day and ended with a multi-prong campaign using digital and traditional media that generated an unparalleled amount of buzz for the Foundation.

Ballet BC

Creative Partner

Katie Ainsworth

Ballet BC is an internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive non-profit organization that is a leader in the creation, production and education of contemporary ballet.

The Challenge

Ballet BC was on the brink of collapse in 2008 and was starting fresh in 2010 with new leadership and a new perspective on contemporary ballet. Ticket sales cover less than half of the costs to run the organization and Ballet BC was not top-of-mind for art-goers in Vancouver. Many past supporters had turned to other forms of artistic entertainment.

The Strategy

Both the performances and approach to marketing required a complete rethink. A plan was developed to increase awareness of the ‘new Ballet BC’ that was anything but conventional ballet.

The idea needed to be incredibly provocative in order to generate media attention and add much needed value to the very low non-profit marketing budget.

The Idea

As part of the launch to the traditional and online media pre-season communications campaign, the “Take our Tutus” media stunt was executed in downtown Vancouver during rush hour one rainy October morning.


The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation that was established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to B.C. motorists. It is also responsible for driver licensing, and vehicle licensing and registration.

  • icbc 1 icbc 2 icbc 3

The Challenge

As a provincial Crown corporation, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia plays an important leadership role in the province.

The organization developed and implemented a comprehensive policy on environmental sustainability but needed to increase awareness and buy-in amongst internal and external stakeholders.

The Strategy

It was critical to break down the strategy into ‘bite-size’ pieces that were easy to deliver, interpret and implement without staff feeling overwhelmed – similar to all environmental challenges facing our society today.

Innovative solutions were required to engage the already established network of volunteer staff green teams and to develop partnerships with other environmental leaders in the province to create more impact and credibility.

In addition, it was very important that we use only local, sustainable materials and processes to deliver all of the messages.

The Idea

A two-stage multi-faceted campaign called ‘Curb The Carbon’ was launched with an onsite event, employee microsite, work-place posters and monthly contests eligible to those who took ‘the pledge’.

Win-win partnerships with BC Hydro as well as many other environmental leaders including TransLink, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Bullfrog Power and Offsetters were established to achieve both brand and environmental objectives for all.


Creative Partners

Karo Group

FortisBC is the largest investor-owned distribution utility in Canada that serves the energy needs of BC through electricity, natural gas and integrated energy solutions such as geothermal and district energy.

The Challenge

In 2011, FortisBC and Terasen Gas officially joined forces to provide electricity, natural gas, piped propane and alternative energy solutions to British Columbians.

The name change, diversity of the service offerings and complexity of messages created a challenge for any marketer.

The Strategy

A marketing strategy was developed to differentiate the utility organization and focus on what matters most to British Columbians as it relates to energy consumption, the environment and their local communities.

Sustainable energy solutions like district energy, geoexchange, biogas and biomass were key components to the new, innovative, leadership brand positioning.

A light-hearted tone to motivate a change in behaviour versus using environmental fear tactics and technical language was critical to the success of all communications.

The Idea

As a start to a full rebranding effort, the “Make Yuck Useful” campaign launched and used an illustrative style in both print and online channels. A full marketing and communications campaign was later developed and created an integrated brand look and feel across all mediums.

Children's Hearing
& Speech Centre

Creative Partners

Katie Ainsworth
Lisa Chen-Wing
Ann Rubenstein

The Children's Hearing & Speech Centre of BC (CHSC) was established in 1963 and remains the only school in BC that enables children who are deaf or hard of hearing to achieve a high level of listening, speech and language literacy.

The Challenge

One in three hundred babies are born with hearing loss in one or both ears. The CHSC teaches these children to learn to listen and talk so that they can develop the confidence to pursue a mainstream education and achieve their dreams to the highest level - just like any other child in British Columbia. Government funding covers about 70% of the CHSC’s total budget and the Centre must raise the remaining 30% given its two unwavering policies: 1) To give every deaf and hard of hearing child the same chance as a hearing child to learn language and excel at school. 2) To never turn a child away regardless of a parent’s ability to pay.

The Strategy

A powerful piece of communication was required to increase awareness of the services to families across BC and aid in critical fundraising efforts.

A positive and upbeat tone was important given the anxiety related to hearing loss. Humour and connection to an every day human truth about kids (hearing loss or not) was also deemed critical to standing out from other ‘heart tugging’ PSAs.

The Idea

A 0:30 TV PSA and 0:90 online video was created through the generosity of over twenty people that donated their time and skills to the deaf children of British Columbia.

For genuine impact, no actors were used in the spot. The talent consisted of current students, graduates or family members and media space was donated across the province – including TV, online, café kiosks and cinema.

Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society of Canada

Creative Partner

Rethink Canada

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) is a voluntary health agency dedicated to curing leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improving the quality of life for patients and their families.

  • Leukemia

The Challenge

Many adult blood cancers still have less than a 50% cure rate and commercial research enterprises consider blood cancers as “orphan diseases” with small markets and limited profit. The LLSC is therefore a vital part of the research solution to fund projects that offer the best chance of accelerating development of new and promising treatment therapies.

There is low awareness of this critical need and of the LLSC, which is a small organization with limited marketing dollars compared to other high profile cancer related agencies. There is huge competition for dollars to fund life-saving research and a lot of other ‘hot health’ issues that are top-of-mind.

The Strategy

Children are immediately associated with leukemia given that about one third of childhood cancers are leukemias. However, the child survival rates are very high as compared to adult survival rates, which have not improved a great deal in the last twenty-five years.

The strategy was to reflect the diversity of ages that are affected by blood cancers – both as a patient and as a loved one. Given the clutter of cancer related messages and the graveness of the situation, the intent was to hit a nerve by using the contrast of death versus the usual totally uplifting and hopeful cancer message.

The Idea

An emotional and hard-hitting 0:30 television spot and print ad were developed for a tiny production budget and placed in donated media space across Canada. It was a bold move for the organization as the tone made it open for controversy internally and externally.

However, it was the start to increased impact and awareness of this very challenging situation and the need to instigate change now.

SeaChange Seafoods

Creative Partners

Carter Hales Design Lab
Katie Ainsworth

SeaChange Seafoods is a family-owned business on Salt Spring Island, B.C. Since 1985, they have crafted beautifully packaged, premium Canadian smoked salmon and other Canadian-made products such as lobster pâté, maple sugar and cedar grilling planks.

  • SeaChange
  • SeaChange
  • icbc 1 icbc 2
  • icbc 1 icbc 2

The Challenge

The brand was tired and did not effectively reflect the product’s premium positioning. Given the changes in the competitive landscape over the years, the brand also needed to stand out amongst the clutter and provide a clearer reason to choose SeaChange.

The Strategy

After an analysis of the current and potential customers, a more targeted approach was developed for each of the consumer segments including an increasingly more important corporate market. Ease and convenience of online sales was also a key factor in the development of the online marketing plan and new website. A complete overhaul of all packaging, POS and other marketing materials was recommended to transform the brand into a contemporary and upscale choice that truly reflected the product quality and price point.

The Idea

The brand name was slightly changed along with a new, refreshing brand ID that met the strategic requirements but also felt right for the family focused owners. New cedar boxes were developed to showcase the new packaging and all marketing materials presented a new, integrated look and feel that only SeaChange could own.


Joanne provides brand
management and strategic
direction without the higher
costs of a full time senior
team member.

She works with each client
to understand their needs
and then customize her
approach to achieve specific
goals and tangible results.

Long-Term Strategic Planning & Counsel

  • Research, analysis and development of a brand strategy for execution in collaboration with staff and/or external partners.
  • Team coaching and consultation for evaluation and implementation of programs for optimal return on investment.
  • Representation on the senior management team for organizational strategy development with internal and external stakeholders including boards of directors.

Short-Term Projects and Strategy Development

  • Market and consumer research and analysis.
  • Brand strategy development.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions.
  • Brand repositioning to reflect current consumer and marketplace.
  • Leadership of an initiative that is beyond the team’s current resources.
  • Consumer workshops to supplement data analysis on existing product, specific target market insights, new product development and evaluation of current marketing & communications programs.
  • External agency analysis, selection and/or other external partner recommendations.


Please contact me to discuss your
marketing needs or to get more information
on my strategic planning process.