Joanne is senior
marketing strategist who helps
organizations harness the
power of their brands to
achieve tangible results.


Joanne is proud to have
helped the following
clients develop and achieve
their marketing objectives.

  • What clients are saying
    • Cathy Imrie
      Senior VP Finance,
      Vancouver Aquarium
    • Teri Nicholas
      President & CEO,
      BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
    • Maya Lange
      VP, Global Marketing,
      Destination BC
    • Carol Nelson
      Director, Planning & Communications,
      Vancouver Public Library
    • Doug Tuck
      Director of Marketing,
      Vancouver Opera
    • Garth Taylor
      Hatfield Consultants
    • Don Maunders
      Principal, Lead Consultant,
      On Strategy
    • Claudia Sjoberg
      Owner & Founder
    • Paul Patterson
      Senior Director of Public Affairs,
      Vancouver Police Department
    • Greg Sanderson
      General Manager,
      Team Aquatic Supplies
    • Stuart Thomas
      Founding Principal,
      Terra Housing

"Joanne executed her 'six-step process' to gain an in-depth knowledge of our audience, our experience and our brand. Based on this knowledge, she successfully developed and delivered on a strategy that helped reverse the trend of declining local attendance.

Joanne displays a sense of focus and tenacity that enabled her to achieve our goals. She has definitely been a value-add to our team!"

Cathy Imrie Senior VP Finance
Vancouver Aquarium

"Joanne brings depth of experience, common sense and a keen eye to her analysis of what's right for an organization's marketing and branding properties. She is perceptive, sure of her ground, and generous with her insights. We continue to apply the advice she has given us."

Doug Tuck Director of Marketing
Vancouver Opera

"Joanne was brought in to lead our rebranding process and develop a branding strategy. She quickly gained an understanding of the unique aspects of our corporate culture and helped us to properly articulate the great story about our company. She’s been a tremendous asset to our team and has positively influenced the way we speak and feel about the company."

Garth Taylor President
Hatfield Consultants

"Joanne steps fully and passionately into your brand to deeply understand it and be accountable in caring for it. The result is better, more impactful work that resonates and drives results. No matter what your current communications challenge might be (overarching strategy, getting great creative, or maximizing your limited spend) get Joanne involved!"

Don Maunders Principal, Lead Consultant
On Strategy

"I was amazed how fast Joanne dived in and really “got” our brand. Her recommendations and insights set us up for a dazzling rebranding of our business."

Claudia Sjoberg Owner & Founder

"The Vancouver Police Department has a reputation for highly effective and innovative communications and marketing tactics. I am convinced that we owe much of that reputation to the exceptional and outstanding counsel and assistance we received from Joanne Turner."

Paul Patterson Senior Director of Public Affairs
Vancouver Police Department

"Joanne was brought into the Foundation for the purpose of expanding the potential of the Marketing & Communications team.  She provided in-depth marketing and communications analysis, brought forward innovative ideas from the private sector, planned and implemented required restructuring of the team and developed a comprehensive brand strategy.

We are grateful for Joanne’s contributions and confident that her recommendations will continue to be of great value as we move forward with our fund-raising efforts."

Teri Nicholas President & CEO
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

"Joanne supported me on the development of a global ski strategy and was able to step in quickly and build on the foundation we had established. She seemingly has the ability to step into any industry, quickly understand what is at play and immediately create value. I would highly recommend Joanne."

Maya Lange VP, Global Marketing
Destination BC

"Joanne helps to identify critical issues and opportunities, drawing on solid research and analysis. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, and seeks the best outcomes for her clients. Not only is she a helpful resource, she is a great sounding board."

Carol Nelson Director, Planning & Communications
Vancouver Public Library

"Joanne was instrumental in guiding us on the right path by focusing our energies in the right direction. As a result, she helped strengthen our brand and opportunity for continued business success."

Greg Sanderson General Manager
Team Aquatic Supplies

"Joanne clearly outlined her process, focused on understanding our situation and moved the project forward without any wasted time. I understand why she came so highly recommended."

Stuart Thomas Founding Principal
Terra Housing


Joanne provides brand management and strategic direction without the higher costs of a full time senior team leader. She works with each client to understand their needs and then customizes her approach to achieve specific goals.

Joanne is proud to build brands through purposeful strategies that benefit both business and community.

Long-Term Strategic Planning & Counsel

  • Research and analysis to better understand the organization, customer/donor, partners and other key stakeholders, competitors and environment.
  • Organizational strategy including brand purpose, vision and values.
  • Marketing & Communications strategy in order to build brand awareness, engagement, connections & loyalty both internally and externally.
  • Management of key marketing & communications tactics with handpicked partners specific for each project.
  • Team coaching and consultation for program implementation and evaluation for optimal return on investment.
  • Representation on the senior management team for strategy development with internal and external stakeholders including boards of directors.

Short-Term Projects and Strategy Development

  • Marketing plan research and development.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions and other brand building workshops.
  • Brand development/repositioning to reflect current insights into the customer/donor & environment.
  • Brand repositioning to reflect current consumer and marketplace.
  • Leadership of any initiative that is beyond the marketing team’s current resources.
  • Customer/donor focus groups to supplement data analysis on existing products, specific target market insights, new product development and evaluation of current marketing & advertising programs.
  • External agency analysis, selection and/or other external partner recommendations.


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